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Boston Polaroid

A tumblr theme that shows off your awesome photos.

New York during a heavy rainstorm, 1967 by John Atherton

What is this?

This webpage that you are currently surfing is a demo of a Tumblr theme called Boston Polaroid.

Boston Polaroid is a Tumblr theme inspired by the Boston Big Picture. Images are displayed big and are resized to fit to the size of your screen.

The Boston Polaroid theme has the following features:

  • Photo post images are resized to fit your viewport, with a maximum width of 1280 pixels
  • Photo post images will also resize if you change your browser size after the page has loaded
  • To prevent long loading times for multiple images on one page (e.g. the blog index), Boston Polaroid uses LazyLoad to prevent images from being loaded until they are in the viewport
  • You can use ‘j’ and ‘k’ on the keyboard to navigate up and down between posts. If you reach the end you will be transported back to the top.
  • Permalink photo pages will automatically scroll to the viewing area that will show the whole image after loading
  • You can change the header colour, description colour, header background, header bottom border, link colour, body colour and heading colour from the appearance panel
  • Boston Polaroid supports Disqus comments, you just need to enter your shortname into the appearance panel

If you would like to use this theme, get it now!.

Gorillaz - Stylo from mario ucci on Vimeo.

Gorillaz - Stylo

  • Shawn: Hey, have you seen the Boston Polaroid tumblr theme?
  • Flint: No, what is it
  • Shawn: Well it's a tumblr theme that automatically resizes your photo posts to fit the size of the viewport, with a maximum width of 1280 pixels!
  • Flint: No way! That's insane. So it's basically an inspiration of the Boston Big Picture website?
  • Shawn: That's right, and with this tumblr theme you can also navigate between posts by just pressing 'j' to move down and 'k' to move up on your keyboard.
  • Flint: Oh cool, but if all the images on the page are going to be high resolution, won't the loading time take ages?
  • Shawn: No, you see, the Boston Polaroid tumblr theme uses lazyload, which prevents images from loading until they are in the viewport.
  • Flint: Well, that's pretty cool. I think I may just have to give this theme a go. Will I be able to change the colours though, I mean I love the current colour scheme but I want something to match my style a bit better.
  • Shawn: Yes you can change the colours. You won't even have to get your hands dirty - you can just choose your colours on the appearence menu when you're customizing your theme.
  • Flint: Fantastic! Well time to go get my Boston Polaroid on then...
  • Shawn: Good to see you've joined the party.

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